Car Accessories For New Drivers

Car Accessories For New Drivers

With more and more first-timers picking up cars in India, the streets are indeed getting younger than ever before. No matter the car that’s been purchased, there’s simply no letting go of the fact that the ownership phase only begins when you make the car your own. Adding those individual touches is a great way to tell yourself & anyone else who comes upon the car that it is yours and yours alone.

The world of car accessories for new drivers is near endless. One can literally max out their credit cards, empty their wallet, their bank account and still not be done. Thankfully, there’s no real need for doing so, and the options below should have you equipped with the essentials in no time.

With the hit on the wallet kept to the minimum.

Given the conditions on the street, most cars in India tend to fall prey to nicks & dents in no time. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your precious wheels from damage & these range from paint protection films to special treatments that should keep your paint gleaming like new.

While dark tints of any kind have been banned by the honourable Supreme Court, you could get a transparent one for the windshield up front, which would help keep the harmful sun off your dashboard & eyes.

Weather-proof mats not only keep the dirt out of the car, but they also protect the original, fabric based matting that came fitted from the manufacturer. This makes them one of the must-have car accessories for new drivers.

Reverse parking sensors & camera systems are a huge boon for new drivers, who are still coming to grips on the safest way to go backwards when the need arises.

One can even get larger rear view mirror fitted in the centre of the cabin atop the OEM one, to get a clearer view, and minimize the blind-spots when driving.

Most new cars in India tend to come with a single horn, especially lower down the price segment. A dual-horn setup is a huge boon in alerting those pesky lane-hoggers to get out of your way. Just ensure that these are legally compliant though.

While leather upholstery makes for a classy statement, tastefully done up art-leather is the more practical option at transforming the cabin of the car. It also protects the original, company fitted equipment from soiling.

Then there’s stuff like advanced stereo systems, better tires and snazzier alloy wheels. Lighting upgrades, performance bobs and bits, and so on. Like discussed at the beginning, the accessories universe is near limitless. So choose wisely, lest you enjoy being a broke motorist!

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