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Car Accessories for Summer Driving

Car Accessories for Summer Driving

You got your new wheels from Krishna car sajawat accessories just in time for summer, and you’re ready for that summer road trip. But no matter what you drive, there are probably a few cool gadgets and car accessories that will make your ride that much better – more convenient, more comfortable.

Here’s a few items we think are pretty cool, or just come in handy:

First aid kit –

hey, stuff happens, right? Even if it’s not serious, you can never go wrong with having a few bandages around! If you already have one of these, make sure to check it once a year to make sure any medications haven’t expired.

Flashlight –

there’s nothing worse than being stuck roadside with something you know you could take care of if only you could see it! Yeah, we know that your phone has a flashlight, but wouldn’t you rather use that battery life for something else? Again, if you have one in your car already, check the batteries at least annually.

Phone cables –

there’s a couple different kinds of phone cable you might want here. One would be a charging cable, another an audio cable if your car stereo has a jack for it. There’s a lot of different configurations, make sure you have the cables that fit your phone!

Phone holder –

give your phone a secure place to live while you’re driving, and make it easy to see your favorite mapping app, too.

USB car charger –

so many of our devices need to be charged! Grab a USB car charger that fits into the charge port or cigarette lighter in your car so you’ve always got juice! There are many that can handle two devices at once.

Sunshades –

the summer heat can be a bear, and getting into a superheated car that’s been parked all day can be a drag. Those big windshield sunshades are a great way to keep your car interior cool. You can even get translucent shades for the side windows to keep your passengers cool.

Car cover –

A car cover, particularly if you don’t have a garage, is a great way to keep your car cool in the summer, and keep that paint fresh, too.

Sunglasses holder –

from the clip style that attach to your car visor to the more complex models that attach to your dash or vents, keep those shades in easy reach!

Portable battery or jumper cables –

car batteries are sensitive to changes in temperature, and the heat sometimes can cause a battery to fail prematurely. A portable battery box can be a great thing to have around if you need to jump start your car. At minimum, a set of jumper cables isn’t a bad idea.

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