Top 5 Car Accessories For Summers In India

Top 5 Car Accessories For Summers In India

While the western half of the world welcomes summers with open arms, most of Indian subcontinent prays it to get over even before it starts. Here the Sun shines in summers with only one mission – to burn down everything that befalls under its shadow. And like all other living and non-living beings, cars too bear the brunt of it. A bunch of cool summer car accessories is enlisted here, hope it will help in keeping mercury down for your car:

AC Cup Holder –

One of the smartest and most popular summer car accessories, these cup holders get attached to AC vents to keep your drink chilled under scorching sunlight. Their pricing starts from a menial figure of Rs.200 and are being offered as a standard add-on with several cars. In case, you are an upgraded shopper, you may browse this and all other such car accessories online.

Top 5 Car Accessories For Summers In India

Automatic Climate Control –

 One of the sought after car accessories for summers in India, automatic climate control is mandatory for all big and small cars now. If your vehicle didn’t come equipped with it, don’t worry there are plenty of manufacturers who will readily fulfill your need. In case, you are an avid fan of online car accessories.

Top 5 Car Accessories For Summers In India

Sun Shades –

These are known for doing a very decent job in protecting from direct sunlight. The best thing about these is their affordability and if you are lucky you may get bargain for them on any road light.

Top 5 Car Accessories For Summers In India
Car Coolers –

 Yes, it is a reality now. The advent of technology has made it possible to have in-car coolers. So, if your chilled glove box is not enough, you may definitely get an extra cooler attached in our car. The smaller one do not consume more than 8Vand if your need is very special you may even go for freezers.

Seat Covers –

Another favorite car accessory for summers in India mostly needed in case of leather upholstery. Leather might become a sticky nuisance when temperatures get high. The best way to keep yourself and leather safe is to wrap these in covers and enjoy their plush nature from over the fabric.

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