Top 7 Car Accessories For Long Drive

Top 7 Car Accessories For Long Drive

Following assorted list of long drive car accessories speaks of some mandatory equipment that need to be on board before you hit the roads. For a better look, let’s take a small tour:

1. A 5-in-1 Car Security Tool – 

One of the most important tool kits, every car needs to be accompanied by it. Its long list of applications includes breaking window during emergencies, cutting stuck seatbelts, in-built flashlights, emergency alarm, and light.

A highly useful kit that will come handy in case of breakdowns, accidents, collisions, unwanted intrusion, etc.

2. Auto Tow Cable –

Very useful equipment especially over rough terrains where chances of punctures concern you most. According to auto experts, the best cables are the ones made from superior quality forged iron and steel.

The stronger the cable, easier it will be to tow your car to repair shops.

3. All-in-one Car Puncture Repair Kit – 

In place of buying accessories separately, it is more economical and easier to avail an all-in-one car puncture repair kit.

The usual kit consists of hydraulic jack, tyre inflator cum compressor, and a tubeless typre puncture it with around 25-20 accessories.

4. Lumbar Support And Seat Cushion Pad – 

One of the most suitable long drive accessories for all kind of cars in India considering our roads. Seat cushion pads are designed especially to correct a person’s posture during longer driving sessions.

It is made from bi-layer padded fabric that comforts your long back saving you from the miseries of all kind of potholes and bumps. And the best part is you may use them in your office chair too as you step out of your car.

5. Solar Powered Fans – 

One of the coolest long drive car accessories, these are ventilation fans that derive power from sunlight.

Just switch them on when your car is parked in the sun. These mainly help in keeping your car fresh by removing stale and hot air.

6. Car Curtain Roller Blind – 

Another summer car accessory, these basically help in protecting your car seats and dashboard from direct sunlight.

They make a perfect bind of for window glasses as well as rear wind shields.

7. Car Hidden Organizer – 

Keeping track of small things like coins, toll tickets, etc is no less than a pain when your wallet is filled with other important things.

A smarter way to keep these things organized is a hidden organizer that can be used as a store house as well as armrest. 

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